About BhaktiMedia

BhaktiMedia is a group of creative communication and internet professionals who are passionate about, and have backgrounds in, bhakti-yoga and community service. With many years’ industry experience in copy writing, marketing, public relations, press and online publishing, we are dedicated to helping Bhakti Sanga communities be more effective and sustainable through clear, compelling online communications.

We could tell you that we plant trees for each dollar spent with us or take our annual holidays in India to help protect the poor untouchables but, the truth is, we plant trees because it’s a smart thing to do and years of travel to developing nations has shown us, close up, how environmentalism is not just a business band-wagon but the only path for any thinking person and nation to take.

We prefer to collaborate via telephone and internet (haribol Skype!) to avoid unnecessary travel. We still have several boxes of recycled paper from our days in the corporate world to work their way back through the printer, and we always ask ‘is this necessary?’ before we go spending money and resources.

BhaktiMedia was founded in February 2008 by bhakti practitioner and marketer Raghava Pandit das who, after many years spent designing for, writing about and promoting internet services, brought his passion and talents together to develop a unique service offering. He has been busy (and happy) ever since.

We love the work we do, and only take on clients whose products and services we care about, which makes our jobs (and yours) so much easier.

Give us a call: +31 6 3977 1665

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