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Business Day, a television series hosted by former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw, spotlights interesting business stories and shares insights from company leaders in a variety of industries. The program visited Ingram Content Group late last year to learn about how we are reshaping our business and staying relevant as the content landscape shifts around us.

Appreciations for
“Yoga for Peace”


Since the release of the “Yoga for Peace” on March 4, we have received numerous words of appreciation. We’re sharing some of those with our readers below. Our first print run has nearly sold out in 3 weeks! and we are currently in the process of reprinting, restocking, and shipping orders…

What can I say? This book vibrates in your hand with pure transcendental love and knowledge. This small thing will have a massive positive impact in bringing more souls to the quest for truth and love of Krishna. 164 pages of Gurudev’s most beautiful explanations spoken simply and gently for the world to enjoy on paper. This is an absolute must for book distribution. Thank you to the publishers for such a work of joy! — Rama Nityananda dasa (UK)

“Well I am happy to hear that the book is addressing things that the modern day yogi might not expect. We need more of that! Eventually the modern day yogi’s body will break down from over use and they will then have the wisdom of the book you published. I’m looking forward to reading it. Glad to hear you enjoyed the Origins of Yoga. Georg is talking about putting a film together that goes deeper, but for now he has several big book projects so the film idea must wait.”

Brenda L. Feuerstein

“I am so happy to tell you that my order of Yoga for Peace has arrived – well done on such efficient service – I hope I am just as efficient in distributing them. Could you perhaps email me an advert for the book ( without prices of possible ) which I thought of forwarding to various commercial bookshops , health stores , yoga societies etc.”

— Ananda Vardhana das, SA

“As a longtime, veteran book distributor, I am claiming that the ‘Yoga for Peace’ is to our sanga what ‘The Science of Self Realization’ is to ISKCON”

— BV Niskincan Maharaja, USA

“This book will bring about the revival of book distribution in our sanga”

— Ramnath prabhu, UK (long time top distributor)

“The book is a great success I am sure these 500 copies wont last long here. Actually many have already been taken in devotees suitcases here and there.”

—Anita dasi (GVP, USA/Vrindavan)

“Yoga for Peace is already such a success!! Jaya Gurudeva!”

— Vasanti dasi (USA/India)

“We should have had a book like this ten years ago”

— BV Giri Maharaja

“I LOVE this book!!!”

— Sivananda Sena prabhu, LA

“This is so fabulous I can’t wait to get my promo package and to get this out into the stores in Santa Cruz, Ca. They are gonna ♥ it!!!”

— Chandramukhi dasi, USA

“Just received the new book, called “Bhakti Yoga, The Yoga For Peace” by Swami BV Narayana Maharaja. Its amazing, one of the best books I have ever read in my life. I received it this morning, then sat in the garden and read some of it for a full two hours, just could not put it down, so inspiring.”

— Devarsirat Das (UK)


“I just saw a copy the Yoga for Peace and I haven’t read it, but skimming through it, I see that the … layout is very wonderful.  It will be especially good for … new people that don’t know much about Krishna Consciousness – a very good introductory book. The quotes that were highlighted are just perfect. Thank you.”

— Rupa Raghunath Das (Canada)

“I think this publication is such a beautiful combination of words and pictures spreading the glories of Sri Krishna, Sri Guru and Gauranga!”

— Jag Mohini (UK)



Shipping rates

Release post

Yes, the new “Bhakti Yoga – Yoga for Peace” is coming. The printing press is warming up, the chapters have been proofread and the designs are complete.

“Yoga for Peace” invites the reader to join one of the world’s most notable proponents of bhakti-yoga, Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja (our dearmost Srila Gurudeva), on a journey to discovering pure bhakti-yoga, and be inspired by his own exemplary service to, and description of, the sacred path.

With this book we hope to put a valuable, high-quality book in the hands of our readers; a book that any sincere spiritual seeker should have on their bookshelf.

Topics include:

  • The Philosophy of Love,
  • God, Love & Reincarnation,
  • Mantra of Divine Love,
  • “In His Own Image”,
  • and more

Pages: 160 pages of size 120 × 180mm (4.7 × 7″)

Quality: Full-color images on coated paper, flexicover

Binding: Quality stitched binding

Language: English

Released: Early March 2012

Publisher: BhaktiMedia

The book is currently available at a special presale price (30% off). The book is published and shipped on 12 March, 2012.

“Yoga for Peace” Book Features:

  • A quality printed book with a full color flexbound cover (350 grams)
  • 6 chapters of the sweetest topics of bhakti
  • 159 pages in 120 × 180mm (4.7 × 7″) in size
  • Over 35 illustrations throughout the book
  • Quality prefect binding
  • Shipped from Amsterdam, Netherlands via airmail only; 3 to 15 working days. Check your shipping times.
  • Shipping costs: flat rate of $5 per order (even if you buy several books!)
  • Release early March 2012 at the Gaura Purnima Navadipa Festival

Pre-order your copy of “Bhakti Yoga – Yoga for Peace” now and save!

We Welcome Your Feedback!

Please share your thoughts with us about the new book, and please spread the word about the book to your friends and colleagues, too.

Feel free to use the comment box below to ask your questions or provide feedback  —  your support will be sincerely appreciated!

Of course, we’ll keep you informed once the books are officially released and available in stores.

Happy reading,

Your BhaktiMedia servants

Here Are Some Sample Pages


What Are The Shipping Costs?

The shipping costs per book are:

  • World: $ 5

Yes, it’s that simple. We pay a part of the shipping costs ourselves to make it possible for anyone in the world to purchase the book, wherever they are. No hidden costs, and no tricky calculations.

If a country is not included in the following list, this only means that we do not have an estimate, yet. We will ship to every country in the world. If you drop us an email when you received your book, we can update the list.

Country Business Days
USA 5-10
UK 3-7
Austria 2-3
Belgium 2-5
Brazil 10-15
Canada 6-10
Czech Republic 3-6
Denmark 2-5
Finland 3-6
France 2-4
Germany 2-3
Ireland 3-5
Italy 3-6
Japan 5-10
Netherlands 2-4
Poland 2-5
Portugal 3-5
Russia 9-12
Spain 3-5
Sweden 3-5
Switzerland 2-3
Afghanistan 9-12
Albania 8-9
Argentina 9-15
Armenia 9-12
Australia 7-10
Austria 2-3
Belarus 7-9
Belgium 2-5
Bolivia 9-15
Bosnia-Herzegowina 7-9
Brazil 10-15
Bulgaria 7-9
Canada 6-10
Chile 9-15
China 9-15
Colombia 8-15
Croatia 4-6
Cyprus 4-6
Czech Republic 3-6
Denmark 2-5
Ecuador 9-15
Egypt 6-9
El Salvador 9-15
Estonia 5-9
Finland 3-6
France 2-4
Ghana 8-15
Greece 4-7
Hong Kong 6-11
Hungary 3-5
Iceland 3-6
India 7-12
Indonesia 9-15
Iran 7-10
Ireland 3-5
Israel 5-8
Italy 3-6
Japan 5-10
Jordan 7-10
Kazakhstan 9-12
Kenya 6-11
Latvia 3-6
Lebanon 12-15
Lithuania 4-7
Luxembourg 2-3
Malaysia 8-15
Maldives 7-10
Malta 4-6
Morocco 7-10
Nepal 8-10
Netherlands 2-4
New Zealand 8-10
Nigeria 7-10
Norway 3-5
Pakistan 7-10
Peru 9-15
Philipines 8-12
Poland 2-5
Portugal 3-5
Romania 4-7
Russia 9-12
Saudi Arabia 7-10
Serbia 4-6
Singapore 8-12
Slovakia 4-6
Slovenia 3-5
South Africa 7-10
Spain 3-5
Sri Lanka 9-15
Sweden 3-5
Switzerland 2-3
Taiwan 6-10
Thailand 8-10
Turkey 7-10
Ukraine 4-6
United Arab Emirate 7-10
Uruguay 8-15
USA 5-10
Uzbekistan 8-11
Zambia 7-10

Event publicity

A well thought-out event with adequate planning, promotion and budgeting can provide instant interest and build your long-term reputation and growth. A poorly planned event can erode confidence in your sanga, lose you money and become a stressful and regrettable exercise.

The difference comes down to planning and publicity.

We are personal believers in retreats and workshops here at Bhakti Media and know from your participants’ perspectives what works and what doesn’t. With experience in tour leading, project management, budgeting, public relations, marketing and publicity, we can help you construct uplifting, inspiring and fulfilling events.

From a low-key workshop to a no-expense spared overseas retreat, Bhakti Retreat has the skills and experience to ensure that your workshop, retreat, speech or course is as inspiring for you as for your audience.

Why you need more Facebook-time in 2011

Facebook continues its upward trajectory, so follow these rules of engagement to get the most out of ‘Face-time’.

The Google giant is being toppled: in 2010, Facebook beat Google search engines as the most-visited site in the US according to Hitwise, with Facebook’s US traffic increasing 55 per cent. On a per capital basis, Australia has one of the highest uptakes of social media in the world, with 9.5 million active Facebook users of which 3.4 million access Facebook via mobiles.

Facebook has even managed to dent Google’s reign in search. Like Google, Facebook has a massive database of each users’ personal preferences which it uses to continually launch new features to further enhance and entrench users’ experience. Facebook ads are challenging Google’s major revenue-raiser, AdWords, and Facebook’s increasingly popular ‘Like’ Button, which allows people to show interest in particular web pages, is helping connect businesses with new prospects.

Jump on in 
While naysayers may write-off Facebook as a passing fad, numbers over time indicate otherwise. In an attempt to better understand and integrate the ‘share’ phenomenon that Facebook does so well, Google has been buying a bunch of social/share sites. Half of Facebook’s 500 million-plus active users login every day and too many people and businesses have invested too much into Facebook to stop or move to an alternate. Facebook is here to stay.

The rules of engagement
Yes, Facebook is a time-sink and it takes a strong mind to resist the many temptations that lead to you viewing your best friend from primary school’s photos of their recent Hawaiian family holiday. Keep focused on these rules of engagement:

  • Regularity – Facebook thrives on content (more than 30 billion pieces of content are shared each month), so you need to post regularly. How often is regularly? At least three times a week.
  • Engagement – social media is all about being social. If someone talks to you at a party, you wouldn’t ignore them. The same goes for Facebook. No matter how trivial a question or remark, it’s always better to respond.
  • Commitment – related to the above, you need to commit to develop a relationship. Consider scheduling content in advance using a tool such as Tweetdeck.
  • Intimacy vs discretion – it’s a skilled balancing act between intimacy, essential for engagement and relationship-building, and restraint, to avoid causing offense or overdoing it with too many comments.
  • Measure – like all marketing efforts, you need to make sure that the effort you’re putting in pays off. While initial targets may include increasing your number of fans (or ‘likes’), after a target has been met (Social Media expert Mari Smith says 500-1000 is a critical mass that will start paying dividends), you need to concentrate on how to turn those fans into paying customers.

* * *

How to get your emails read

Increase your readers with catchy headings and avoid being ignored, caught in Spam, or trashed.

When studying open rates for email newsletters sent on behalf of our clients as well as this Bhakti Outreach E-News, it is clear that a catchy heading on a topical subject is the reason why some get read (i.e. links clicked on and action taken) and others ignored.

Write your email heading first – and last
I like to craft my titles first, as it helps me to focus and can inspire better writing. But I always revisit the title or subject line when I’m finished and often spend as long on the subject line as on the entire piece. Why? Because a heading can make all the difference between something being read, or not.

Ask a question/Solve a problem
Take advantage of human’s inherent curiosity by asking a relevant question. For your wellbeing clients, it may be ‘What foods give you more get-up-and-go?’; ‘Which exercise really shifts kilos?’ or ‘How to relax and stay on top of things?’

We all puzzle over problems and possible solutions. Helping solve a problem through an E-News makes you helpful and knowledgeable, helps build your expertise and authority, and spreads the love. Problem-solving subject lines often start with ‘How to…’

Limit length
Look at the subject lines of emails in your inbox – if it can’t be read in a glance, it’s far less effective, right? Most email programs restrict headings to 50 characters, so stay under this or, better still, reduce it further. Keep it sweet by keeping it short.

Test your subject line on a smartphone such as an iPhone, Blackberry or Nokia N8 to ensure your subject line isn’t chopped off before you’ve made your point.

Avoid oblivion
Many published emails waste prime email space with ‘Add us to your safe senders list’ or ‘View email in your browser’. Take advantage of the preview plane in programs such as Gmail and Outlook and craft a concise ‘teaser’ sentence to act as a secondary subject line (or sub-heading). This may be enough to compel recipients to click and read rather than trashing your hard work.

Avoid being shunted to the Spam bin by ditching: ‘free’, ‘help’ and the symbols $ % or !
Remember that time is precious. Make your headings as catchy and informative as possible while avoiding temptation to promise something that you don’t deliver in the email.