Appreciations for
“Yoga for Peace”


Since the release of the “Yoga for Peace” on March 4, we have received numerous words of appreciation. We’re sharing some of those with our readers below. Our first print run has nearly sold out in 3 weeks! and we are currently in the process of reprinting, restocking, and shipping orders…

What can I say? This book vibrates in your hand with pure transcendental love and knowledge. This small thing will have a massive positive impact in bringing more souls to the quest for truth and love of Krishna. 164 pages of Gurudev’s most beautiful explanations spoken simply and gently for the world to enjoy on paper. This is an absolute must for book distribution. Thank you to the publishers for such a work of joy! — Rama Nityananda dasa (UK)

“Well I am happy to hear that the book is addressing things that the modern day yogi might not expect. We need more of that! Eventually the modern day yogi’s body will break down from over use and they will then have the wisdom of the book you published. I’m looking forward to reading it. Glad to hear you enjoyed the Origins of Yoga. Georg is talking about putting a film together that goes deeper, but for now he has several big book projects so the film idea must wait.”

Brenda L. Feuerstein

“I am so happy to tell you that my order of Yoga for Peace has arrived – well done on such efficient service – I hope I am just as efficient in distributing them. Could you perhaps email me an advert for the book ( without prices of possible ) which I thought of forwarding to various commercial bookshops , health stores , yoga societies etc.”

— Ananda Vardhana das, SA

“As a longtime, veteran book distributor, I am claiming that the ‘Yoga for Peace’ is to our sanga what ‘The Science of Self Realization’ is to ISKCON”

— BV Niskincan Maharaja, USA

“This book will bring about the revival of book distribution in our sanga”

— Ramnath prabhu, UK (long time top distributor)

“The book is a great success I am sure these 500 copies wont last long here. Actually many have already been taken in devotees suitcases here and there.”

—Anita dasi (GVP, USA/Vrindavan)

“Yoga for Peace is already such a success!! Jaya Gurudeva!”

— Vasanti dasi (USA/India)

“We should have had a book like this ten years ago”

— BV Giri Maharaja

“I LOVE this book!!!”

— Sivananda Sena prabhu, LA

“This is so fabulous I can’t wait to get my promo package and to get this out into the stores in Santa Cruz, Ca. They are gonna ♥ it!!!”

— Chandramukhi dasi, USA

“Just received the new book, called “Bhakti Yoga, The Yoga For Peace” by Swami BV Narayana Maharaja. Its amazing, one of the best books I have ever read in my life. I received it this morning, then sat in the garden and read some of it for a full two hours, just could not put it down, so inspiring.”

— Devarsirat Das (UK)

“I just saw a copy the Yoga for Peace and I haven’t read it, but skimming through it, I see that the … layout is very wonderful.  It will be especially good for … new people that don’t know much about Krishna Consciousness – a very good introductory book. The quotes that were highlighted are just perfect. Thank you.”

— Rupa Raghunath Das (Canada)

“I think this publication is such a beautiful combination of words and pictures spreading the glories of Sri Krishna, Sri Guru and Gauranga!”

— Jag Mohini (UK)