Web Enlightenment 101

There’s a lot of tech talk, acronyms, and weasel words used in the web. Here are a few of the more common ones.
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Google AdWords is a paid advertising service where ads appear on Google relevant to the search terms that people type. The ads appear in coloured boxes to distinguish them from the ‘natural’ results that appear in the centre of the page.

Article PR
Article PR involves writing original articles rich in your search engine keywords and phrases (eg: ‘yoga teacher’, ‘holistic services’, ‘conscious business’, etc) and submitting these to different website, along with a link back to your website, to help increase your search engine ranking. Yoga Reach specialises in copywriting and article PR.

Blogs kicked off in the early 2000s as a source of underground news scoops and a way for geeky uni students to share stories with their friends and family. Blogs are typically informal and thrive on opinion, controversy and comment from readers. There are currently estimated to be 133 million blogs – and 77 per cent of web users read blogs – huge!

Bounce rate
Bounce rate refers to the number of visitors to a website who ‘bounce’ away from your website rather than continuing onto other pages in your site.

The term breadcrumbs came from the story of Hansel and Gretel, who used a trail of breadcrumbs to help them retrace their steps. Breadcrumbs help website visitors navigate within a website by leaving a trail for them to retract their steps or jump back into different categories in a sequence.
For example: Home > Services > Online marketing

A cache in relation to the web is the storing of website data so that future requests for that data will be served more quickly, reducing bandwidth useage and server load. Sometimes you may want to clear your cache so that you can see the most up-to-date version of a webpage.

Click-through rate
Click-through rate in relation to email newsletters (oftentimes known as E-news, email marketing or email campaigns), refers to the number of people who click on hyperlinks in emails to take them to the source of the information on a website. Generally, a high click-through rate means your audience is engaged and interested in your email content.

CMS – Content Management System
In relation to the web, a content management system is a software program accessible online through a web browser (such as Internet Explorer) that allows for the easy creation, management and control of web materials of a website. These are designed to make web publishing easy and accessible to the average computer user. All Yoga Reach websites come with a CMS.

A cookie on a computer is not edible but rather, refers to a small text file containing a unique ID tag placed on your computer by a website. In this file is information stored from pages you’ve visited on the site and information you’ve given such as your username and passwork. When you revisit the site days or weeks later, the site can recognise you by matching the cookie on your computer with the counterpart in its database.

Creative Commons
Creative Commons are several copyright licenses released in 2002 by Creative Commons, a nonprofit corporation which was formed to help make it easier for people to share the work of others while respecting copyright laws. The free licences grant certain “baseline rights”, such as the right to distribute the copyrighted work without changes at no charge, so long as the author of the work is acknowledged.

Domain name
Your domain name, or domain, is your website address. Eg: this website domain name is Yoga Reach.

Emoticons are those little smiley faces, Smile and other assorted emotions depicted in simple pictures or textual expressions ;) The term is a mixture of emotion and icon.  Emoticons are frequently used in text messages, web forums, instant messages, and online games.

E-news, E-newsletter, Email marketing
E-news or E-newsletter are simply email communications that encourage email readers to click through to your website, engage your services, buy your goods, and build your profile within your database. They are widely acknowledged as one of the cheapest and most effective ways to market your business. Yoga Reach specialises in Email Marketing.

A favicon is a small, square icon associated with a particular website or webpage. A favicon displays in an internet browser, typically next to the page’s title on the tab. If you look at your website browser displaying the URL of Yoga Reach, you’ll see a tiny purple Y. This is our website’s favicon.

If your domain name is your address (ie:, then your web hosting is your land, or web space. Web hosting provides the storage, connectivity, and services necessary for your website to be ‘live’ or viewable online by web visitors.

A hyperlink (or link) is generally an underlined word or phrase that readers can click through to take them to a web page. Emails should always contain ‘active’ or working hyperlinks that make it easy for readers to visit your website.

Landing page
A landing page is the page where the web visitor ‘lands’ in your site after clicking an advertisement or a search-engine listing. A landing page will display content relevant to the advertisement or link and may also be customised to measure the effectiveness of different advertisements.

A mashup is a hybrid of two things to create a derivative, new thing. In digital or online speak, a mash-up could be a remix of text, graphics, audio, video, and animation, combined and modified to create a derivative work.

Open rate
Open rate in relation to email newsletters (oftentimes known as E-news, email marketing or email campaigns), refers to the number of people who open your emails. A professional mailing tool easily measures how many people (and which individuals) have opened your email.

Open source
Open source is a worldwide collaboration between geeks where source code is shared in order to create software which is free and accessible to all. In relation to the web, open source content management systems (CMS) have produced some wonderful resources such as WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal and CMS Made Simple. Although these are free and (relatively) easy to set up, it is best to engage a web designer to customise and optimise the CMS so that your website is professional.

RSS – ‘Really Simple Syndication’ or ‘Rich Site Summary’
RSS is a method of distributing and consuming regularly-updated web content. Commonly used for news sites and blogs, RSS allows publishers to automatically syndicate their content to whoever signs up to their RSS feed. A user subscribes to a feed by clicking on an RSS icon and choosing their RSS ‘reader’. Their RSS reader automatically checks for new work and downloads summarised (or full) text, allowing the user the convenient of accessing their preferred news sources in the one place.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
SEO is a much-misunderstood disciple that helps websites rank highly in natural search engine results. For example, if you are a yoga teacher working in Freshwater, then when people type ‘yoga Freshwater’ into Google or another search engine, you’d like to be appearing at the top of the page. SEO encompasses optimising your website (‘on site’ changes) and creating attractive links back to your website (‘off site’ changes). All Yoga Reach web designs follow SEO best practice.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing
SEM promotes websites through paid search engine listings placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion on search engines. The largest SEM vendors are Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter.

SERP – Search Engine Results Page
A search engine results page is the results of a search engine inquiry, listing the web pages that the search engines deems relevant to the search keyword or phrase.

Social commerce
Social commerce is the use and promotion of social media in online buying (or e-commerce). The idea is that people pass on online deals to friends (via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc) to increase purchasing power. Incentives are offered, such as discounts or exclusive deals

Social media / Share media
Social or share media are websites that promote social interaction by making web publishing and opinion sharing easy. Examples include Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Delicious and Reddit. Social and share media encourage people to contribute and create content rather than just read websites. Follow Yoga Reach on Twitter and Facebook.

Splash page
A splash screen is an image that appears while a program or website is loading. A splash page in a website used to be popular for websites using Flash, providing an introduction to the website while the Flash files load.

URL – Uniform Resource Locator
A URL is a website address, make up of the ‘protocol identifier’, ‘resource name’ and ‘domain name suffix’. In the case of – http:// is the protocol identifier (meaning the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), YogaReach is the resource or domain name and is the domain name suffix.

A widget is a small, visible application on a web page, such as a weather report, Facebook page feed, clock, etc. They tend to sit to the side of a page in a banner.

WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get
WYSIWYG (pronounced wizzy wig) has been instrumental in making web publishing so much more accessible to the everyday computer user. It enables the content displayed during the editing process to appear very similar to the final result. With the use of a control panel that is modeled on Microsoft Word, computer users can create and modify web pages via a CMS without needing to know HTML or other coding language.

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