Social media marketing

Social media madness

With Australians spending 29 per cent of their online time on Facebook, according to research group A.C. Nielsen, most yoga and wellbeing practitioners recognise that social media has huge potential for their business. Twitter ‘tweets’ are appearing in Google search results, Bing search engine is helping to power search results on Facebook, and a well-published and followed blog can be a cash cow for small business owners, when done right.

The power of social media
Social media is a medium, not a message. It works on the premise that personal recommendations matter; 90 per cent of people trust recommendations from peers, according to the Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey in 2009.

Yet just building a blog of starting a Facebook fan page isn’t enough – it’s hard to build a new community and requires time and commitment – and content.

Researching your community
We are creatures of habit. It’s far easier to join your potential customers at an existing online community than to move people to join you on your blog or the like, without giving them a good reason to do so. This is a relationship – not a brochure. You need to talk with people not to them, create value and rapport, and be helpful – just like a friend.

How could social media work for you?
Twitter would be a great marketing medium for a local sanga: have a guest speaker at 3pm? Let your local community know. Of course, having lots of Twitter followers in another country wouldn’t be much use for you. On the other hand, a blog is a great resource for a travelling kirtaniya that runs international events and wants to attract visitors who may otherwise not know you.