Workshops & training

Bhakti Media director, Raghava Pandit das, loves to share what he does in his quest to help the Bhakti Community create sustainable, outreach. He teaches his ‘Marketing of Bhakti’ workshop to bhakti outreach trainees.

Trainees benefit from hearing a communications and marketing specialist with more than eight years’ experience in public relations, journalism and online communications, as well as someone who’s background as a working yoga teacher means she knows what it’s like to letterbox drop, count mats, and turn his passion into a viable livelihood.

As a small sanga owner, you are likely to wear many hats. Improve your skills at social media, online advertising and marketing, writing, and email newsletters by engaging Raghava to come to your premises and teach you practical, effective skills in plain, no-fluff English. It is easier than you think, especially when you have one-to-one training from a seasoned professional who won’t make it seem more complicated than it is.