Web design

Style and functionality are hallmarks of Bhakti Media web design. We have a wide network of talented copy writers, SEO practitioners, visual artists, photographers, musicians, and filmmakers passionate about making sure your bhakti outreach website has impact.

But our websites aren’t just beautiful. Online marketing informs all we do, so Bhakti Media websites are built around two key considerations: making it useful and appealing to your community and potential customers; and making it attractive to Google so it ranks well in your relevant searches. Once web visitors are on your site, you don’t just want them to look around and admire your sparkling prose and pretty pictures. They should be compelled to call you, turn up at your community classes, buy a book, or attend your event.

Ready to talk?
Our websites are built with the user in mind so that web visitors return, bring in new visitors, and make existing subscribers happy to recommend your offerings. All Bhakti Media web designs come with content management systems and training in plain English, to help you manage your website. If you’d like to get started, contact us or give us a call on (+31) 6 3977 1665.